An Honest Perspective

Perspective. Social media users have mastered it.

It isn’t unusual to see a photo like the one below with a caption, like:

Enjoying beautiful skies today!

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W.O.W.! Skipping Parts

Wednesday, May 16, 2018 was a difficult day. It was day three of my son’s stomach virus, and also my and Preston’s 9th wedding anniversary. The day of love and remembrance that I had hoped for was swapped out for a day of cleaning, mothering, and sweat-sticky clothes. As I worked, I couldn’t help but think about fast-forwarding, just skipping this part of my life and pushing play when Lukas was well again, and we were ready to celebrate. But obviously the technology in Click is not yet available.

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Footprints…in the Classroom

I was absolutely astonished when I visited one of my friends, and she asked me to take my shoes off at the door! Yes, this was many years ago, and it was in Arkansas. But for those of you who don’t know, it is simply NOT a southern thing to have your guests remove their shoes–at least not in my neck of the woods. This is only Southern Hospitality 101, right? We want our guests to be comfortable, and if that means clogging through the house in their squeaky sneakers, then so be it! Continue reading “Footprints…in the Classroom”

New Magic

Yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day, my first St. Patty’s Day here in China. St. Patrick’s Day is my favorite holiday! Aside from the fact that I get to see my favorite color everywhere, it’s a sure sign of the coming of spring. The daffodils are blooming and I’m sure back in Arkansas, the clover has crept its way across my lawn–I haven’t seen any yet here. With the myths of good luck and leprechauns, I feel a sense of wonder, magic, and possibility.  Still, to me, there is nothing more magical than the history behind this holiday. Continue reading “New Magic”

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