W.O.W! Yours for the Taking

Through the years, I’ve heard many students complain about their English classes. They think its boring, stupid, or–my favorite excuse, “I don’t really need English to be a ______.” Nurse. Math teacher. Welder. You fill in the blank; I’ve heard it all. Still, I try to stress to these students that they absolutely will use the skills learned in a college English course in their respective fields. Students must be able to effectively communicate both orally and in writting no matter what profession they choose, and they will need to apply the analytical skills learned in college English courses in their careers as well. Yet, these skills aren’t limited to use in the workforce; we use them in many aspects of our daily life. I, for example, use them to help me better understand God’s Word. Continue reading “W.O.W! Yours for the Taking”


W.O.W.! #Adulting

As a child, I didn’t want to listen to parents about anything. The street looked like a fun place to play, so why couldn’t I play there? If I wanted to go jogging at midnight in a tube-top, why not? Couldn’t my parents see that I was trying to make healthy choices by exercising? And if I wanted to eat chocolate ice cream and Doritos for dinner, what was the big deal? At least I was eating something, right? Like most children, I couldn’t wait to grow up and make my own decisions…but then it happened… Continue reading “W.O.W.! #Adulting”

W.O.W.! Achy, Breaky Heart

When a friend is trying to decide whether or not to open that door again to a previous relationship, when a college student is trying to decide his or her major, when a young couple is debating the purchase of a new home, whatever the case, close friends with good intentions will offer this sage advice: follow your heart. This seems to be the go-to piece of advice for those who are struggling; in fact, it’s often seen coupled with: whatever makes you happy. Continue reading “W.O.W.! Achy, Breaky Heart”

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