W.O.W.! Speechless

When I sit down to write these W.O.W. posts, I usually know exactly what I want to say. It often starts with a scripture that I’ve read during a time of Bible Study. At times, God will allow me to live that scripture at some point in the week. Other times, I find that scripture tethered to some memory or story, and I draw strength from it. Still, other times, God will share such a powerful truth in his Word that no illustration is necessary. Continue reading “W.O.W.! Speechless”


Home for Me

I’ve been reserving these blog posts on Sundays to share intimate thoughts about my faith, interesting experiences and encounters, and all things travel in general. While I feel like I have bared my soul in many of my posts, this post has been one of the most difficult to type. Continue reading “Home for Me”

Ode to Chrysanthemum Tea

You make my lips tingle,

Sickly sweet, and taste

Like warm fruit in the summertime,


The juice rolls down my chin.


Your petals float around my straw,

like the pear blossom in the

White River,

Announcing the arrival of Spring.

Their fragrance, foreign,

Yet, oh, so familiar.

W.O.W.! Culture Shock

Earlier this week, Preston and I decided to venture out, making a trip to a local grocery store. Before we left our apartment, Preston warned me that it would be quite a walk and that on the way back we’d probably have to get a taxi since we’d be laden with shopping bags. I agreed to the walk despite temperatures in the thirties (Fahrenheit), and we all bundled up to leave the house. Continue reading “W.O.W.! Culture Shock”

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