Love is Swallowing a Star.


Love is gazing and longing

At what was once unobtainable

And finally, tasting it. Love

Is the act of consuming

Light, and allowing it to

Illuminate oneself from within. Love

Is unbearable blazing heat, celestial

Intimacy, that burns away impurity.

Love swallows faults and projects

One’s best qualities, like a

Star, twinkling in the night.

Love permits one to become

A part of the eternal.








Competing for my Heart: Life with a Third Culture Kid

“I don’t want to go back to China with you. I want to stay here with Mimi and my friends at school.”

When my son said this at the end of our summer vacation, I was shocked and saddened by his words. I realize that the move to China was his father’s and my decision, but I’d hoped that in time, he’d appreciate–and maybe show a bit more excitement–about our choice to live life overseas. Continue reading “Competing for my Heart: Life with a Third Culture Kid”

W.O.W! Lord in the Dark

I have anxiety. This is difficult for me to admit, not because I’m ashamed but, because I feel like if I admit my anxiety, then I claim it. Claiming my anxiety feels much a lot like defeat. I don’t want my anxiety to become my not-so silent partner as I walk through this life. So, I wrestle with it. At times, it feels overwhelming and hopeless, yet I often find hope through prayer and in God’s word. In one of my dark moments recently, God led me to the following passage. Continue reading “W.O.W! Lord in the Dark”

W.O.W.! Skipping Parts

Wednesday, May 16, 2018 was a difficult day. It was day three of my son’s stomach virus, and also my and Preston’s 9th wedding anniversary. The day of love and remembrance that I had hoped for was swapped out for a day of cleaning, mothering, and sweat-sticky clothes. As I worked, I couldn’t help but think about fast-forwarding, just skipping this part of my life and pushing play when Lukas was well again, and we were ready to celebrate. But obviously the technology in Click is not yet available.

Continue reading “W.O.W.! Skipping Parts”

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