Ever Want a Fresh Start?

Yeah. Me too.

Perhaps, you’ve been following me for years now. You’ve seen me make the transition from writing in an online diary to becoming a semi-professional blogger, content marketer/influencer, and self-published author. If you’ve been following, then you’ve also seen my descent into oblivion. Seriously. I haven’t posted anything in MONTHS.

Maybe you’ve wondered where I have been. Maybe–just maybe–you sighed in relief when you didn’t see your newsfeeds populated with my latest ramblings or shameless promotion of my books. Or perhaps, you haven’t even noticed that I faded into the static of the online world. No matter if you noticed or not, I did totally vanish–but it was oh so totally necessary.

Sometimes in life you just have to step away for awhile, which is exactly what I did. I took some time to explore a bit. Some time with my family. I took a class. I grew into my relationship with the Lord a bit more. I got made some new friends. Learned about new cultures in distant places. I even got a tattoo. In short, I’ve had some growing up to do, and I needed the time to do it.

Yet, when I came back to my online home–or what has been my online home for nearly seven years now, it didn’t feel like home anymore. All the stories were stories of someone else. The photos were memorabilia of a world I’d left behind. Even the design, the layout, the colors no longer reflected a recognizable image to me. My blog, my website, it wasn’t mine anymore. It was hers. Kayla Shown-Dean. A hollow shell of woman who relied too much upon her own strength. I didn’t know her anymore, and what I remembered, I didn’t like.

So, today is day one. This is my fresh start. My blank page. I hope you will join me on this journey, and if ever you need a fresh start, the delete button is located on your right.



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