W.O.W.! Doubting Thomas

For this week’s Word on Wednesday, I’d like to discuss the disciple Thomas, known as “Doubting Thomas” by most Christians today. However, I recently had the opportunity to teach a Sunday School lesson on Thomas, and I learned that there was so much more to him than this character trait of doubt.

Thomas is mentioned in scripture a grand total of seven times. In the gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke, Thomas is merely a footnote as we only find his name listed alongside the rest of Christ’s disciples. However, I think we can learn something about his character from these lists. If you pay attention to the way in which Christ interacts with his disciples, you will see that Christ had an inner circle with whom he had developed a deeper relationship. Peter, James, and John–and occasionally Nathaniel–were a part of this inner circle and were some of the most mentioned disciples/apostles in the scriptures. Therefore, these lists seem to list those with deeper relationships with Jesus first, and those further from Jesus, like Judas Iscariot, were toward the bottom of these lists. So, when reading the verses from Matthew, Mark, and Luke, it is good to take note of where Thomas lies on these lists.

W.O.W. Doubting Thomas (Matthew, Mark, and Luke scripture)

Through these lists, we can infer a bit about Thomas’s relationship with Christ. Since his name was in the middle, he may have been still wrestling with his faith and commitment to Christ. In the gospel of John, however, we learn more about Thomas’s character–which is what I will be sharing with you over the coming weeks of time. So, if you’d like to read ahead, feel free to do so using the scripture below.

  • John 11:16
  • John 14:5
  • John 20:24-29
  • John 21:1-3

I look forward to more W.O.W. moments with you as we delve into the character of “Doubting Thomas”. But until next week, ponder on the verses from Matthew, Mark, and Luke. Search your own heart, and ask yourself: Where would I lie on a list such as this? Would I be considered a part of Christ’s inner circle, or would I be further removed?



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