W.O.W.! Thomas the Bold

Last week’s Word on Wednesday was about Thomas and his brave statement in John 11:16. This week, I’d like to continue to delve into Thomas’s character and look at another one of his character traits, his boldness!

So, let’s look to the scripture.

W.O.W. Thomas the Bold John 14:5

In the verses just before this one, Jesus has explained to his disciples that he will be leaving them. Yet, he encourages them to take heart, for they know the way and will be able to find them.

I wish I could have been there to witness this statement. For some reason, I feel like the general response to Christ here would have been…CRICKETS!  I imagine the disciples staring back at Jesus with blank expressions. Some of them may have nodded in agreement, but one look into their clueless eyes would have revealed the truth: they didn’t get it. Then, suddenly, Thomas breaks the silence. He asks the question that lay on all of their hearts: How can we know the way if we don’t know where you are going?

This was a BOLD move! Thomas and the rest of the disciples were like the van in this photo–all loaded up but with no place to go. They were excited about following Jesus; after all, they had ALL given up their lives in the pursuit of Christ. But now, Jesus has made known his intent on leaving them. I imagine many of them had the thought of going with him, so they probably heaved a sigh of relief when Jesus extended an invitation for them to follow–but he didn’t give them directions to the party. The way Christ framed this invitation almost seemed like he assumed that his disciples KNEW the way.

We’ve all been in situations like this. Someone assumes that we know something when we don’t, and so, we stand around in awkward silence PRAYING that someone else will ask the “duh” question and look like the idiot instead of us. Thomas was the disciple who did just that in this situation. He asked the “duh” question, the seemingly simple question that may appear stupid to some–but he had the boldness to do it.




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