W.O.W.! Thomas the Believer

Over the past few weeks, we’ve discovered the bravery and bold nature often overlooked in Thomas. In today’s Word on Wednesday we will take a closer look at Thomas the believer.

Let’s start by going to the scripture found in John 20.W.O.W. Thomas John 20:24-29

Most of us are familiar with this verse and its implications. It is in these verses that Thomas earns his infamous nickname: Doubting Thomas.

The doubt that Thomas so ardently expresses here is shocking to most. There is almost a twinge of anger and/or jealousy hinted at here. Do you wonder perhaps if Thomas was envious that Christ had appeared to ALL of the disciples but him?

Yet, I believe that Christ did this purposefully, both to teach Thomas a lesson about faith and also to teach the other disciples a lesson about who Christ was. You see, what we typically gloss over in these verses is Thomas’s proclamation: “My Lord and my God!” Up to this point, the disciples had all referred to Jesus as “rabboni” or teacher/rabbi. They called Jesus a friend, a master, Lord, and the Messiah. But until this moment, none of the disciples had ever called Jesus, God.

Thomas was the first–and what a humbling and surreal experience it must have been to see God in his Lord, his teacher, his best friend.



2 thoughts on “W.O.W.! Thomas the Believer

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  1. I could substitute my name for Thomas’ here. I love that Jesus didn’t accuse him; He merely showed Thomas the proof he said he needed, then told him to stop doubting and believe. I think He tells me that every day, and most days I’m so busy I don’t catch the gentle whisper. And then there are those days He has to shout! I so easily forget that He is Lord and GOD.

    Good reminders, Kayla.


    1. Thanks, Suzy. I agree. We all can see so much of ourselves in Thomas, and we, like Thomas, often forget that Christ is Lord and God. Perhaps he should be called Forgetting Thomas instead of Doubting Thomas, huh?


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