For When I Think I’m Mighty

When I think I’m mighty,

When I’m conquering life’s waves,

It’s then that you remind me,

I am free to go my own way.

You let me drift alone, yet

Never escaping your watchful eye.

All the while, I sing smugly:

“Look at me” “What I did” “Me” “My”

A loving Father. A stubborn child.

You let me play this game.

Oh I think I’m mighty

Until I’m drowning in my shame.

My proud bow is dented,

My new ship water-logged.

My shipmates bail out water,

Throwing buckets-full into the fog.

Still the waves come crashing,

But I cannot lift a sail.

Oh, I thought I was mighty,

But now, I’m growing pale.

“Master,” I call out to Him,

“I thought you’d never leave.”

Nothing but the wind howls back,

And I fear no reprieve.

I hear the splash of my crew;

“Abandon ship!” they scream.

Oh, I thought I was mighty, but a

Nightmare sprang from my dream.

The waves suddenly grow calmer;

The howling wind dies down.

I am all alone in my somber until

A voice thunders in the clouds:

“My brave, stubborn, child,” He said,

“You did as best as you could.

But you have forgotten: I am mighty.

You are but made of wood.”


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