W.O.W.! The Gas Station

I’m not sure about the rest of you, but I absolutely abhor going to the gas station. Perhaps, it is because I usually wait until the last minute. I’ll go ahead an admit it: I am always the one coasting in on fumes hoping that my car won’t run out of gas before I put in park.

Once I get there, I’m usually a bit frazzled. I’m probably running late for some prior appointment, and I’m kicking myself for not planning ahead and getting gas the night before.

But then, there is the act of actually getting the gas. I have to swipe my card, but before I do, I need to make sure there are no skimmers on the pumps. I’ve been fooled by them before and thieves were able to wreak all sorts of havoc on my bank account, so I’m a bit paranoid. I suppose I could walk inside and pay, but it’s then I’d have to expose myself to weather, and whether it be hot, cold, or rainy, I don’t want to make that long walk to the door. Plus, I’d probably buy something inside and I don’t need to do that. So, I check for skimmers.

If the pump is clean, I get gas. Of course, even without skimmers, the pump is never truly clean, which is why I carry hand sanitizer in my purse. It at least allows me to feel a little less grimy.

You may think I am crazy, but at times, I feel like we all view God like I view the gas station. We view meeting with him as an inconvenience or as work. We don’t treasure our time. Scripture says the following:

PSALM 37:4

I think too often we don’t take delight in the Lord because we are too busy pursuing the desires of our hearts. Once we get what we are after we are full (at least for a while) and then we try pursuing God. But it doesn’t work like that.

That would be like pulling up to the gas station when your gas tank is full and trying to “fill ‘er up” again. It’s not going to work. There isn’t any room. When we fill our lives full of things and commitments and priorities, there is no room for God. We really need to empty ourselves of all that “stuff” in order to be filled.

And when we sit down with our Bibles and journals, when we do find that time to truly connect with God, we don’t need to treat it like a chore or an inconvenience. It should be our delight to converse with the one who made the universe and yet loves us so much that he died in order to converse with us.



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