Growing Deeper: Brave Enough to Question

I missed my chance at being an honor graduate. Continue reading “Growing Deeper: Brave Enough to Question”


Ode to Chrysanthemum Tea

You make my lips tingle,

Sickly sweet, and taste

Like warm fruit in the summertime,


The juice rolls down my chin.


Your petals float around my straw,

like the pear blossom in the

White River,

Announcing the arrival of Spring.

Their fragrance, foreign,

Yet, oh, so familiar.

W.O.W.! Culture Shock

Earlier this week, Preston and I decided to venture out, making a trip to a local grocery store. Before we left our apartment, Preston warned me that it would be quite a walk and that on the way back we’d probably have to get a taxi since we’d be laden with shopping bags. I agreed to the walk despite temperatures in the thirties (Fahrenheit), and we all bundled up to leave the house. Continue reading “W.O.W.! Culture Shock”

2017: The Year of Impossibility

Last year, my #onelittleword was impossible. God spoke this word to me shortly after the start of the new year while I was sitting in a doctor’s office. (Check out The Archives.)

As I take time to reflect, I realize that I did not fully understand the impact of my one little word at the time it was given. We’ve heard that all things are possible with God; in 2017, God proved to me that they are.

Continue reading “2017: The Year of Impossibility”

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