More to Moana

Disney has done it again, folks! They have managed to create a stunning, new animated movie that has captured the hearts of children and parents alike. Yet unlike the big freeze that kept children Frozen in 2013, I believe most parents can agree that Moana’s songs are not something we will tire of soon, and neither we will tire of the message behind them. Continue reading “More to Moana”

I Got a New Tattoo

Okay…so it really isn’t that new.

I got it in January. It was my birthday present–for my 30th birthday.

From the moment I planned this unique and awe-inspiring work of art (for that is what a tattoo is, a work of art on your skin), my fingers have been itching to tell you all about it. In fact, I’ve typed this post before, multiple times–but it seems as if my words can never fully do my heart justice.  Continue reading “I Got a New Tattoo”

The Atheist Meeting

“The Atheist Meeting” is a true story, something that I, myself, have experienced alongside my husband and one of my closest friends. While I was completely terrified during this experience, in retrospect, I am so thankful that it happened. I learned so much about judging others, standing up for our faith, and allowing God to speak through us. I share it only in hopes of allowing my story to speak to someone else. Continue reading “The Atheist Meeting”

W.O.W! Thomas the Brave

Last week during our Word on Wednesday’s segment, we talked about Doubting Thomas. We looked at scripture in Matthew, Mark, and Luke that made us ask the question: where are we in relation to Jesus? Are we in his inner circle, his closest friends, or are we further removed? This week, I’d like to introduce you to Thomas the Brave, but let’s start with this week’s scripture found in the gospel of John. Continue reading “W.O.W! Thomas the Brave”

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