The Music, the Food… My Week in China

This week I have had so many new experiences here in China. Through these experiences, I’ve been able to discover new music,  different styles of dance, and of course, trying new foods and drinks. Continue reading “The Music, the Food… My Week in China”


W.O.W.! Unfaithful Bride

Once upon a time, there was a man and his wife who loved each deeply. The man delighted in his bride’s devotion to him, and the woman reveled in his faithful love. One day, the man decided to build a home for his bride. He listened to her needs, her wants, and her concerns. Taking them all into consideration, he built her a beautiful home, a haven from the cold world outside. The woman lacked nothing; her husband had carefully considered her every need, and even granted some of her greatest desires. All was well for the man and his wife, and they enjoyed their happily ever after, until…

Continue reading “W.O.W.! Unfaithful Bride”

Rose Milk Tea

After spending most of my Saturday morning cleaning the apartment, I treated myself to a cup of tea at The Bridge Cafe, a small but delightful cafe in the lobby of our apartment building. One thing I have learned about the Chinese is that they can make tea out of anything. I have had chrysanthemum tea, ginger tea, and today, I tried rose milk tea. Continue reading “Rose Milk Tea”

The Beauty of Spring

In China, we are wrapping up Spring Festival, a celebration all about the coming of Spring at the start of the new year. In this states, we know this as Chinese New Year, but this tradition is so much more involved than waiting up until midnight to throw streamers and crank noise-makers. Spring is full of new life and fresh air; it’s God, through nature, inspiring us to make a fresh start. It’s so beautiful to see the Chinese celebrate the beginning of this season with the beginning of their calendar year. Continue reading “The Beauty of Spring”

W.O.W.! Speechless

When I sit down to write these W.O.W. posts, I usually know exactly what I want to say. It often starts with a scripture that I’ve read during a time of Bible Study. At times, God will allow me to live that scripture at some point in the week. Other times, I find that scripture tethered to some memory or story, and I draw strength from it. Still, other times, God will share such a powerful truth in his Word that no illustration is necessary. Continue reading “W.O.W.! Speechless”

Home for Me

I’ve been reserving these blog posts on Sundays to share intimate thoughts about my faith, interesting experiences and encounters, and all things travel in general. While I feel like I have bared my soul in many of my posts, this post has been one of the most difficult to type. Continue reading “Home for Me”

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