Together, We Fall.

Move! Let me out—I need me out of my head

With ricocheting thoughts threatening to shred

My identity. I dodge them; they tear through

My hundred dollar shirt—the obscenity. Continue reading “Together, We Fall.”


W.O.W.! Pouring into Others

“More. Mom, I need more,” my son hollers from the kitchen table. I sigh, but get up from my own steaming plate –that I haven’t even touched yet–to get him a second helping of mashed potatoes. I smile as I mound the potatoes on his plate, hoping that if I give him a bit extra it might allow more time for me to eat.

“Do you need anything else?” I ask.

“No, Mama,” he says.

I put the pan of potatoes back on the stove and return to my seat. Yet as soon as I lift my fork, I hear my son: “Mom, can I have some more applesauce?” Continue reading “W.O.W.! Pouring into Others”

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